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Artisan Kitchen & Bath was born nearly 15 years ago out of a passion and general inclination towards the industry. We enjoy working with you, the residential homeowner.  An understanding of how important kitchens and bathrooms are in the everyday lives of people contributes to our passion for what we do. We understand that kitchens and bathrooms are the spaces in which you will be spending a significant amount of your time, and that the functional as well as the aesthetic design of these spaces will impact your everyday life. By changing physical spaces, we are able to change lives. We pride ourselves in providing the utmost quality to those who place their faith in us.

We realize that the quality of the design is subjective and will ultimately lie in the judgement of you, hence why we take such great care in consulting with homeowners throughout every step of the process. However, there are aspects that only a well-experienced designer will know of. From the moment a designer lays eyes on even the exterior of your home, that information is being utilized in the design process. This is due to the fact that the architectural style of your home will contribute to the design of your kitchen and bath so as to leverage the synergy that is created by matching features of your home.

Further, matching color schemes, or even mismatching them using analogous colors, will play a crucial factor in the grand scheme of the design. Color is one of the most important factors in the design process, so great lengths are taken to ensure that every color used is playing a crucial role, taken down to a science. Hue, brightness and saturation must all be perfectly balanced for each individual color while also keeping in mind the profile of other colors present in the design.

When it comes to fixtures, hardware and cabinetry, it goes without saying that the quality of the design is only as good as the raw materials that are fed into it. This is why we have spent an excessive amount of time researching different brand offerings. By identifying the greatest products the market has to offer, we are able to procure only the finest items for your home.

Last but certainly not least is the functional design of your kitchen or bathroom. Part of the design process entails understanding your lifestyle in order to incorporate this very important aspect into the design. For instance, a master chef whose hobby lies in the kitchen will have very different needs than a family when it comes to kitchen design. We will always make sure the traffic from and to other rooms of your home flows smoothly and that essential kitchen or bathroom items are well organized and within reach. Proper fixture placement ensures that tasks carried out in the living space are seamless and that the time spent in the room can be enjoyed to the maximum extent possible.

We’ll be happy to help! Our installers love what they do (and are the best at what they do), and would be more than happy to assist you. We’ll start by coming out to assess the project after initially connecting with you and go from there.

Whether your budget is large or small, we will enjoy creating something that will be marveled at. We hold the viewpoint that quality design and craftsmanship mustn’t come at the expense of the homeowner. Strategic alliances with vendors, efficient on-site remodeling, and low overhead ensure that we can offer you the best price without sacrificing quality.

None. From the very start you will be meeting with designers, not salespersons. We believe in simply presenting information to you, with which you can make your own decision. This allows us to truly connect with you, the homeowner, in order to accurately assess your wants and needs. The result is a down-to-earth, consultative approach that allows us to create something astonishing.

Of course! If you have eyes set on something that you’d like to see in the finished project, then by all means buy it and set it aside. However, do keep in mind that through our relationship with vendors, we may be able to get things at a cheaper price than retail for you.

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